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The Place for Global Art Our mission is to promote global artwork from a variety of mediums and genres by bringing art collectors and art enthusiasts alike together with artists from around the world through national and international exhibitions, events, and showcases.
DHGallery Of International Artists
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DHGallery Of International Artists
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The DHGIA People's Choice Award Contest has Officially Begun! Vote for your favorite artist by liking their individual postcard. The winner will be announced on December 10th, 2017 1:00 PM ETC.. See more at http://dhgia.com/artists/ Best of luck to everyone competing for the Plaque award and $1,000 grand prize
DHGallery Of International Artists
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Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of you for all the support with our DHGIA team of artists. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here is our DHGIA newsletter...I want to thank all of you for being part of the DHGIA team of artists for Spectrum Miami. . We have been preparing for this show for quite a while and it is finally time to begin putting things in motion.

I cannot wait to see all of the magnificent artwork that will be exhibiting with us! Both for the first timers and those who have exhibited with us in past events, I look forward to meeting all of you in person.

Also, the DHGIA contest for Spectrum Miami will begin when I make the post on Wednesday November 15th. Best of luck to everyone competing for the Plaque award and $1,000 grand prize!

Also I have some news from everyone.

First our deep condolences to Pat for the loss of her brother and to Sandy. We hope that you both and your family will find comfort soon and have a turning point in your mourning.

We want to congratulate everyone for their accomplishments in Art:

Ernesto Ruiz Bry/Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Permanent Exhibition:
AD Montecarlo, Monaco
Kuwait Tennis Federation
Club de Golf Tenerife Sur

Artworks sold lately:
Victoria! $12,000. 2017, Mixed media on cardboard, 48’ x 48’
Tammy $12,000. 2017, Mixed media on cardboard, 48’ x 48’
212* $11,000 2017, Mixed media on cardboard, 48’ x 48’

Marie Åkerlund/Sweden
“I am now an official Member of Mondial Art Academia, based in France. The director invited me, she had seen my art (I don't know where) and she wrote that she loved it.
I have mentioned DHGIA as my represented Gallery for them.”

Marie also had a SOLO exhibition which almost SOLD out. The exhibit was in Sweden. The gallery (fins pang art Association) told Marie that it was their bestselling exhibition in their 70 years history as a gallery.
A lot of people visited the exhibition and the Media reported about the success.

Marisol Gullo/Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

SOLD 4 of the artworks that were in exhibition in NY ART EXPO. The remaining two artwork are in a permanent 3 month exhibit in South Walton main Lobby and CAA Foster Gallery.

David Richardson/Denver, Colorado

“In March, I was involved with a H.R. Giger tribute show at the Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland. The sculpture I created is titled Biomechanical Landscape and was a big hit. The Museum owns it and we are exploring options of creating a smaller version available for sale at the museum.

In April, I won an online competition to have my work displayed at the Art Expo NYC. This is how I was introduced to Dinett and became part of her wonderful gallery DH Gallery Of International Artists.

In May, I went out to Rosemary Beach, FL to install my sculpture Sea Beast. The sculpture stands 6’ tall and was juries in for the Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition.

In August, my work was juries into the 35th annual Sculpture In The Park show in Loveland, CO. This is the largest juried outdoor sculpture exhibition in the US.

In October I participated in 2 exhibitions: Loved To Death at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and The 13th Hour at Last Rites Gallery in NYC.”

Nadine Meyers Saitlin/Boca Raton, Florida.
A two person show: Earthly Goods from Raw Materials.
Sept-October 2017, Essey Gallery, Palm Beach State College – 30 drawings, Paintings and sculptures.
Three recent Gallery Affiliations: Emerge Gallery will be exhibiting gourds Saugerties.
Congratulations Nadine!

Leigha Lugo/Dallas, Texas.
“Both of my first two French Louis painted chairs were recognized by the Prime Minister of Singapore and I was awarded ‘Partner of the Arts’ in the Singapore community.” Both Louis chairs were purchased for $8,000 each by Singapore's most notable paint company and a local organization.
Congratulations Leigha!

Dinett Hok/Aguadulce, Panama - Newnan Georgia.
A two day weekend Residence in Georgia after winning first place at The Murphy Fine Art Competition.
Excellent sale at the Suffering artists Gallery in Georgia: 100 miniatures easels sold, 8 driftwood sculptures sold, one artwork and 7 medium artworks sold.
One SOLO museum exhibition and one group museum exhibition in Georgia (one artwork, one driftwood sculpture and 4 miniatures easels sold).
A Permanent exhibit selecting 24 large artwork-Georgia. The High Artistic Recognition "BEATO ANGELICO" 2016- in Lecce Saturday, December 17, 2016 at the Old and Monumental Theatre "G. Paisiello".
High Recognition of Art "Diego VELAZQUEZ" 2017 - Lecce (Italy) / Saturday 1st July 2017 at the Ancient Roman Theater.
Salento Event of Contemporary Art 2017. the High Art Recognition "Riace Warriors"2017 Lecce (Italy) Ancient Theater "G. Paisiello" Saturday, December 16, 2017.
Congratulations Dinett!

Thank you for being part of Spectrum Miami 2017 it has being a pleasure working with all of you!
I will be the Most proud person standing and walking around seeing all of the wonderful pieces that you all will be displaying. Your hard work it is getting ready to shine.
I will try to get all the wonderful comments and faces of aww looking and admiring your artworks! Thank You!
DHGallery Of International Artists
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DHGallery Of International Artists
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Hello this week's artist spotlight will be artist and owner of DHGIA Dinett Hok. Please visit us at DHGIA (booth #611) Spectrum Miami, during the Art Basel week Dec 6th-10th 2017. Dinett was born in Aguadulce, a very small town in the Republic of Panama. As a young girl, drawing was her favorite pastime. She began formal art studies at the age of 17 at the University of Panama and paid her college tuition through Freelance artwork and graphic designs.
After graduating from the University of Panama with a BA in Graphic Art, Dinett worked as a commercial graphic artist for two different clothing companies My Name is Panama and T shirt Inter-america.

Upon moving to the United States, Dinett embarked on a six year endeavor to promote and teach art to elementary school students in the public school system for the state of Georgia.

Dinett’s journey as a professional artist continued to expand as she took on the leadership role of Area X Chairman for the Florida Artists Group. FLAG is one of longest standing non-profit art organizations in the state Florida.

Dinett creates artwork with a unique style and passion. Her work has received acclaims both nationally and internationally in the United States, Paris, Spain, Rome, Venice, Beijing, as well as other venues in Europe.

It is the freedom of creativity and expression and experiences with some great artists that continues to fuel her desire to create and share art. Dinett has always been enchanted by the beauty of nature, people and places and continues paint where she currently resides in Newnan, Georgia. http://fineart-dinetthok.com/artist-biography/
DHGallery Of International Artists
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Meet our talented artist Ernesto Ruiz Bry form Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Artist Statement "In my work, my goal is to capture that special moment where the elite athlete knows that he is on the verge of triumph and where this extra effort will fulfill the dreams for which he has prepared himself during a lifetime.
I dedicate my work to these athletes that are sources of inspiration and examples of overcoming adversity, proof that going the extra mile changes the ordinary to extraordinary.
The collage technique that I use is the result of years of searching for my artistic identity in a constant evolution influenced by the different countries in which I have lived. Graphic design, sculpture, painting and the use of different techniques have helped me discover that the sensations of the naked hand in contact with the medium are irreplaceable.
Since the beginning of my artistic career, the use of recycled materials has been a constant in my work. I have taken this to a whole other level in my latest production where the whole work is based on taking magazines that were destined for landfills and giving them another life as collages." Ernesto has participated in many exhibitions around the world, such as Mar del Plata, Argentina; SALAO CULTURAL, Curitiba, Brazil ;Tenerife, Spain;Bordeaux, France; San Isidro, Argentina ;New Jersey, U.S.A etc. Ernesto will be exhibiting his beautiful artworks with DHGIA (booth #611) at Spectrum Miami, during the Art Basel week Dec 6th-10th 2017. https://dhgia.com/artists/visual-artist-ernesto-ruiz-bry/ernesto-ruiz-bry-biography/